Friday, September 16, 2016

Whiteboard animation

On a whiteboard animation makes illustrator pretty fast pace illustrations with text on a white surface, the whiteboard. The strength of the whiteboard animation lies in the fact that creates black line on a white surface clarity. But more importantly, the viewer wants to continue watching the entire film. This way of animating excels in simplicity. The animations have a quiet base of black and white characters, making your product, service or concept is central.

A whiteboard animation you can use for different purposes.

A service that is difficult to visualize, displaying a product that is still in development, or even the organizational change that is difficult to understand.

Why a whiteboard animation?
While drawing the hand of the artist is filmed, which is what the animation is so special. Because signed will want to keep watching the viewer, drawing arouses curiosity. They want to see what follows next, as you hold the attention.

Why? This is because man is naturally curious. Before you know it you have 60 to 90 seconds looking at an animation and understand the message.

A whiteboard animation can be used for different purposes. Think of a service that is too hard or make tangible changes in the organization that is hard to understand. Whiteboard animations are widely used to explain processes, due to the simplicity of the drawings, a process can be transmitted clearly.

A whiteboard animation has several options: Do you want something later? Slightly cartoonish? are you going to stick, black and white or colored?

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